WOTTLE-Lite Hand Warm Cup


Model W107-L

Dimensions Diameter Height 200mm Diameter 72mm

Cup capacity 410mL (14oz)

Water temperature limits -20 ° C to 100 ° C

Insulation layer without

Battery capacity 4500mAh

Input / charge time DC5V 1.5A / 3 hours

Output (mobile power supply) DC5V 1.5A

Heating power 6-8W

Heating temperature 48-50 ℃


Warm hand function | Mobile power


Hand warmer cup on the upper half of the use of food-grade plastic injection, leak-proof design, no insulation;

Hand warmer cup is the lower part of the 4500mAh warm hand Po mobile power;

When using the hand warmer function, the mobile power is not available,

Warm hand function is not available when using mobile power.



Product Description

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